The Rebecca Noelle Quartet

The Rebecca Noelle Quartet performs at 9:30 pm on Saturday October 15, 2016 at the Baldachin Inn Restaurant.

Rebecca Noelle - Chair

Over the 15 years that she’s been performing, Rebecca Noelle has had the privilege and versatility to try her hand at just about every musical style, but it’s her natural affinity for soul that has set this stunning singer apart. An Armenian-Cree Canadian, she performs with a funk-driven flare while she uniquely re-invents vintage jazz standards and explores her own original music. Noelle also has a natural charisma and confidence as she struts around onstage reminiscent of performers like Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. With a sultry voice that is simply unforgettable, Noelle brings to mind some of the artists by whom she has been influenced over the years – Etta James, Jay Kay (Jamiroquai) and k.d. lang.

Rebecca Noelle has toured the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and has performed at the magnetic North Pole with plans to return to Europe in 2017. Her voice has been featured on CBC Radio, BBC Radio, Radio Bremen (Germany) and regularly on regional and satellite radio. She’s shared the bill with artists like B.B. King, Johnny Winter and Bonnie Raitt.


Rebecca Noelle – vocalist

Steve Boudreau – keys

Ken Seeley – bass

Scott Latham – drums