Red Hot Ramble

Red Hot Ramble performs at 2:30 pm on Saturday October 15, 2016 at the Merrickville United Church.
CfeBmxxWwAAbSckRed Hot Ramble reflects the New Orleans music that inspires the ensemble, each performer adding their own flavour to the musical gumbo they create together. In 2010, two of Toronto’s most reputable rhythm section mates in the swing and traditional jazz scene, bassist Jack Zorawski and drummer Glenn Anderson, invited vocalist/pianist Roberta Hunt (who played for 14 years with Toronto’s legendary traditional jazz group The Happy Pals) to join them in a new musical adventure that would explore the diverse world of New Orleans music from their own musical perspective.

Red Hot Ramble recorded the self-titled CD, Red Hot Ramble, in 2012 after saxophonist Alison Young had joined the band. The majority of the songs on this CD were written by the members of Red Hot Ramble who have contributed dozens of new and original songs to compliment the musical focus of the band. Trombonist Jamie Stager performed as a guest on the CD, subsequently becoming a band member. In 2015, Red Hot Ramble released their second CD, Some Swamp Stomp!
Roberta Hunt – lead vocals, keys

Glenn Anderson – drums, vocals

Jack Zorawski – bass, vocals

Jamie Stager – trombone, vocals

Alison Young – saxophone