Miguel de Armas Quartet

The Miguel de Armas Quartet performs at 1:30 pm on Saturday October 17, 2015 at the Merrickville Community Centre. This event is a Double Bill with a performance by the Horizon Quintet at 12:00 noon.

Miguel-de-Armas-QuartetThe Miguel de Armas Quartet’s powerful and energetic style has enabled them to bring a beautiful and unique ensemble of Cuban, African, world music and jazz to the Ottawa music scene. By blending tasteful and show stopping musical arrangements such as classical jazz standards, Cuban traditional music and Miguel’s own inspirational compositions, they have enhanced the cultural appreciation for Cuban music as well as carrying on the rich tradition of Cuban-Canadian musical collaboration.
During the Quartet’s performances, ideas seem to be flying through pianist Miguel de Armas’s fingers almost more quickly than he can fully process them but, with the help of the other members of the quartet, he manages to keep his feet on the ground and generate lots of inspiring moments. Their audiences, which have grown exponentially, are often seen clapping along, dancing and thoroughly enjoying the musical experience, encouraged to do so by the quartet’s rich and beautiful sound as well as by their exuberance and sheer joy in making music.
Miguel De ArmasMiguel De Armas is a versatile jazz pianist and composer, weaving strands of Cuban and American jazz influences in a compellingly eclectic way. Born in Havana, Cuba, Miguel studied at the Conservatory Amadeo Roldan and graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte with a Bachelor in Cuban Percussion. He has recorded over 50 albums and collaborated with several renowned Cuban artists. He has performed at Lincoln Center in New York and has shared the stage with a multitude of internationally acclaimed musicians. For the last two years, the Miguel de Armas Quartet have performed the first Friday of every month in the Options Jazz Lounge at Brookstreet Hotel.

Website: migueldearmas.com

Miguel de Armas — piano
Marc Decho — bass
Arien Villegas — congas
Michel Medrano — drums