Main Street Market Band


The Main Street Market Band performs at 8:30 pm on Friday October 14, 2016 at the Goose and Gridiron Restaurant.


The Main Street Market Band is an Ottawa based world music quartet. The band members come from Brazil, Chile, Benin and Canada and play songs ranging from reggae to jazz to folk to latin to African, frequently a blend of these sounds. There are songs in many languages such as Portuguese, English, French and many West African languages, including Mina, Fon, Yorouba and Dendi. Together for two years, the band has just released their first CD at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec.


Angel Araos, a Chilean-born percussionist, has performed widely in Canada and South
America with numerous ensembles, winning a Juno award in the world music category as a
member of the group “Ancient Cultures.”

Loïc Martin, originally from Benin, has played in groups and with artists such as Elage, Cheza, and the Neema Mungala band.

Silvio Modolo, originally from Brazil, has collaborated with great artists such as Rommel Ribeiro,
Florquestra, Regina Gomes Teixeira, Léonard Constant, Angel Araos, Claudia Salguero,
Evandro Gracelli, Marc Decho, Rene Gely, and Jasmin Lalande.

Canadian Paul Weber is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and the founder of world music band Cheza. His music combines styles from Canada, Brazil and Africa, all places he has lived and made music.

A list of recent performances can be found here:
Paul Weber – guitar, vocals

Silvio Modolo – electric bass

Angel Araos – drums

Loic Martin – guitar, vocals