Merrickville’s Jazz Fest 2020 — “Celebrating 10 Years of Jazz in the Village”

The winner of the draw for the CD Choice Cuts is Charles R Merredew.

On behalf of the MJF Volunteer Team, I wanted to reach out to say hello and that I hope you are doing well these days. We are encouraged by the carefully timed and coordinated efforts in Ontario to slowly reopen the economy allowing various business and other organizations to resume some activities with, of course, careful attention to all the recommended measures to ensure everyone’s safety. With MJF 2020 still currently scheduled for October, we are continuing with our efforts to plan and program the festival. At the appropriate time in the process, we will base a decision on whether to present or cancel the festival on the current advice from our government officials and health experts. Our primary concern is for the safety and well-being of our devoted audiences, artists and volunteers as well as our valued sponsors and local business colleagues.



Like so many of you, we at Merrickville’s Jazz Fest eagerly look forward to a time when we can safely reunite to enjoy live music. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenging changes to our lives and forced the cancellation of so many events that we enjoy. MJF volunteer staff is currently examining the many variables involved in presenting a live music festival in this our 10th Anniversary Season in October 2020. This includes exploring ways to adjust the experience to meet the requirements of these socially distanced times. Should local and provincial authorities give us the go ahead to present live performances, our main goal will be to ensure the safety of everyone attending the festival.

Thank You!

Thank you for having participated in our MJF 2020 Survey to help us determine your interest and concerns around gathering to enjoy live performances. We are in the process of collating the responses. The winner of the draw for Choice Cuts, the terrific new CD release from Ottawa’s own The Prime Rib Big Band, is Charles R Merredew.

Thank you for supporting Merrickville and MJF!

MJF is always on the lookout for additional volunteers and supporters to keep the festival thriving and the music going! We hope that you will consider becoming involved in MJF 2020 and help us make plans for the future of this popular music festival.

Selection Process for MJF 2020 Almost Complete!

Thanks again to all the wonderful artists who applied to perform at Merrickville’s Jazz Fest 2020. There were so many wonderful groups to consider but of course only a limited number of spots available for the festival. Thanks as well to our hard-working and dedicated MJF Selection Committee whose careful consideration of the submissions has greatly contributed to the creation of our artist lineup for MJF 2020.

Susan Piercey – Festival Director